In the long and colourful history of the Canadian Football League, few have left as lasting an impression, or added as much colour, as Leo Cahill. He was truly one of a kind. As a coach and general manager, "Leo the Lip", as he was sometimes called by the media, had a flair for promoting the game that helped the CFL, and especially the Toronto Argonauts, rise to new heights. His shoot-from-the-hip style kept fans coming back for more. His showmanship, however, may have led some to overlook his deep knowledge of the game. He had a keen eye for football talent and an ability to knit diverse and sometimes equally flamboyant personalities into a winning team. Starting in the CFL as an assistant coach in Montreal, he was the Argos’ head coach from 1967 to 1972, and again from 1977 to 1978. He led a star-studded Argo team full of unforgettable characters to a Grey Cup berth in 1971, and was the team’s General Manager when they appeared in the Grey Cup in 1987. It’s fitting that those two Grey Cups are among the most memorable ever played. Mr. Cahill’s association with the CFL spanned many more years, as he worked as a colour commentator with the Canadian Football Network and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, as a scout, and as a goodwill ambassador with the Argos. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, his former players and his many friends and fans.

Lucas Barrett

Coordinator, Communications, Canadian Football League

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