Additional resource now available to assist educators in bringing football to schools and communities for youth in grades 7-9

TORONTO (November 17, 2020) – The Canadian Football League (CFL) and Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada) have released the second resource, Move Think Learn - Football in Focus Featuring CFL Skill Practice (Grades 7-9), to help deliver the game to schools and communities from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

The first resource, targeting youth in grades 4-6, was released in January and saw immense success with a 24% increase in educators registering for the resource and reaching nearly 900,000 kids, nearly 300,000 more compared to 2019.

The free educational resource was jointly developed between the two organizations and includes expertise and insight from Football Canada. The initiative is the second step in the five-year partnership between the CFL and PHE Canada with a goal of expanding the reach of football and assisting educators in sharing the game through physical education programming. The collaboration supports the CFL’s ongoing #TryFootball initiative which encourages youth to discover the game.

“Introducing youth in our country to the game of football through the school system is a priority for the CFL,” said Randy Ambrosie, Commissioner of the CFL. “We want to share with youth the valuable life lessons taught by football, including the values of teamwork, hard work and perseverance.”  

The second edition of Move Think Learn is aimed at Grades 7-9 and complements the grade 4-6 resource that was released in January of 2020. Additionally, the organizations plan to release a third resource targeting youth in Kindergarten to Grade 3 (Fall 2021).

In light of the ongoing pandemic, the new resource also features modifications to support the new health and safety protocols in place and remote/at-home learning for many students and teachers.

“With the pandemic having limited sporting opportunities, the spotlight is on school based physical education to keep kids moving,” says Melanie Davis, PHE Canada CEO. “This new resource, with the featured modifications in response to COVID-19, will continue support students’ physical and social development, with football as a foundation.”

The Move Think Learn – Football in Focus resource includes:

  • Five Move tactical game play activities
  • Think questions accompanying each activity to ensure understanding of the exercise
  • Two culminating Learn activities to assist in skill-retention
  • 13 New football Skill videos
  • Five Skill Practice activities
  • Links to activities in the CFL Futures Player Development Program
  • Teaching games to enhance tactical and strategic understanding
  • And more

Educators are invited to download the free resource via

Additional information regarding the CFL’s #TryFootball campaign, including an easy-to-use online portal with sign-up information and a searchable database of football-related opportunities, can be found at

Lucas Barrett

Director, Communications & Public Affairs, Canadian Football League

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