TORONTO (August 29, 2018) – The Canadian Football League (CFL) unveiled the midseason results from the CFL Media Poll today. CFL experts across the country filled out 22 questions at the midseason point. In total, 50 people completed the poll.

Please note, ballots were distributed August 26th and closed August 28th.  

Below are results:

Which team will win the West Division? (50 votes)

100% Calgary Stampeders (50 votes)


“Most complete team in the CFL…again. Defence is exceptional, QB is 1A or 1B in the league, they play high percentage football and rarely beat themselves.”

“The Calgary Stampeders are dominant in in every possible aspect of the game. Bo Levi Mitchell is playing the best football of his career and has a dangerous assortment of weapons at his disposal with a dominant defence behind him. The Labour Day home and home will provide another measuring stick but it’s hard to envision this team losing more than three games this entire season.”

Which Team will win the East Division? (50)

80% Ottawa REDBLACKS (40 votes)
16% Hamilton Tiger-Cats (8 votes)
2% Toronto Argonauts (1 votes)

2% Montreal Alouettes (1 vote)


“Ottawa REDBLACKS – Trevor Harris is finding his game, as is Greg Ellingson and look out for that Noel Thorpe defence! Thorpe has been the biggest off-season move in the East Division.”

 “Hamilton Tiger-Cats – so many missed opportunities in the first half. If they hit their stride it could be a bunch of momentum rolling downhill.”

 “Toronto Argonauts – They are close. Duron Carter gives them the deep threat they badly need. They’ve figured out their kicking game and finally got Anthony Coombs and Bear Woods healthy. After a tough schedule to start the year they could get a run to close the season.”

Which team will win the 106th Grey Cup presented by Shaw in Edmonton? (50)

74% Calgary Stampeders (37 votes)
10% Edmonton Eskimos (5 votes)
10% Saskatchewan Roughriders (5 votes)
2% Winnipeg Blue Bombers (1 vote)
2% Hamilton Tiger-Cats (1 vote)
2% Ottawa REDBLACKS (1 vote)


“Calgary – They can’t beat themselves 3 years straight. It’s their time and they’re by far the best team again.”

“Hamilton – The Ticats just have the feel of a team that will get hot at the right time and find a way to finally get that 1999 monkey off their back.”

Who is the Most Outstanding Player for the first half of 2018? (49)

71% Mike Reilly (35 votes)
10% Bo Levi Mitchell (5 votes)
8% Andrew Harris (4 votes)
1% Duke Williams (1 votes)
1% Trevor Harris (1 vote)


“Andrew Harris – the Bombers offence runs through him. Also 6 yards a carry is crazy.”

“Mike Reilly – His numbers will be well ahead of Bo’s at season’s end as the Esks’ success is completely dependent on him. Calgary can be more balanced and their offence doesn’t need to push the ball as much as Edmonton.”

Who is your breakout player so far in 2018? (50)

46% Duke Williams (23 votes)
10% Kamar Jorden (5 votes)
8% Jeremiah Masoli (4 votes)
6% Chris Ackie (3 votes)
6% Jordan Williams-Lambert (3 votes)

*10 other players received two votes or fewer


“Duke Williams – went from fun deep ball guy to a legitimate threat everywhere on the field.”

“Chris Ackie – The former fourth overall pick has always had tantalizing athleticism but, now that he’s starting and contributing regularly, we’re finally seeing the numbers to back it up. Montreal gets run on a lot, which partly explains the crazy high tackle numbers, but Ackie is becoming a true ratio-breaker for the Alouettes.”

“Nick Marshall might be the best athlete in the CFL right now. Dangerous on defence and offence and we’ve only seen a bit of what he can do.”

Which one player acquisition has made the biggest on-field impact so far this season? (50)

68% Charleston Hughes to Saskatchewan (43 votes)
24% Adam Bighill to Winnipeg (12 votes)
8% Zach Collaros to Saskatchewan (4 votes)


“Hughes has 12 sacks and it’s not even Labour Day, what more needs to be said? The Stampeders’ defence is so good that they haven’t really missed him, but there’s no denying that Hughes has added an extra element of danger to an already formidable Riders defensive line.”

“Adam Bighill has brought the Blue Bombers’ defence to another level, period. He is among the league leaders in defensive tackles and has solidified Mike O’Shea’s front seven.”

“For a guy that was flipped twice in the span of a couple hours, Saskatchewan is benefitting majorly from his desire to make Calgary (and ultimately Hamilton) look foolish for trading him. He embodies the nickname SACKatchewan.”

Who is the Most Outstanding Canadian of the first half of the season? (50)

48% Andrew Harris (24 votes)
32% Brad Sinopoli (16 votes)
14% Alex Singleton (7 votes)
6% Chris Ackie (3 votes)


“Harris – he’s the straw that stirs the drink for the Bombers. Dual threat, leader and the Bombers go as he goes.”

“When people are mentioning your name in the same sentence as Allen Pitts AND you have a Canadian passport, that’s all that needs to be said. Brad Sinopoli is going where no Canadian receiver has ever dreamed of.”

“Singleton – he plays the most important defensive position on the field and does it better than anyone else in the CFL had has for two straight seasons. If I’m starting a team he’s my first choice on defence.”

Who is the Most Outstanding Defensive Player of the first half of the season? (50)

54% Charleston Hughes, SSK (27 votes)
18% Alex Singleton, CGY (9 votes)
18% Adam Bighill, WPG (9 votes)
4% Chris Ackie, MTL (2 votes)
4% Delvin Breaux, HAM (2 votes)
2% Henoc Muamba, MTL (1 vote)


“Henoc Muamba has been one of the few bright spots on a very poor Alouettes defence. He sacks, he tackles and he helps make turnover plays happen. The fact that he is a National player only makes this story better.”

“Hughes is a machine. He’s miles (kilometres?) ahead of his peers in the sack count and shows no signs of slowing down. Has anyone actually seen his birth certificate? He can’t be 34.”

Who has been the comeback player of the year in 2018? (50)

48% Travis Lulay (24 votes)
32% JC Sherritt (16 votes)
10% Zach Collaros (5 votes)

*4 other players received two votes or fewer


“When the Stampeders signed Emanuel Davis, it didn’t generate headlines like many of the other big free-agent signings of the offseason. Davis, though, has been remarkably consistent in a Stampeders defensive backfield that has seen plenty of players moving in and out of the lineup.”

“I really thought he was finished after that ACL injury last year. When he came back, I thought he was going to settle nicely into a backup/coach role for Jonathon Jennings. Instead, he’s back to being the leader that this Lions team needs.”

“JC Sherritt – from a lost season to 6th in tackles and two picks.”

Which 2017 CFL Draft pick has had the most impact this season? (48)

67% Kawku Boateng, EDM (32 votes)
13% Jordan Herdman, BC (6 votes)
6% Tunde Adeleke, CGY (3 votes)
6% Sean Thomas-Erlington, HAM (3 votes)

*3 other players received two votes or fewer


“Kwaku Boateng – ‘Impact’ to me means the ability to change games with a single play. ‘The Quake’ can do that with a burst like few others.”

“Christophe Mulumba-Tshmanga – Stepped into a starting role and despite ups and downs of the season is learning each game and improving.”

“Jordan Herdman – has the very unenviable task of taking over from Elimimian. He has held his own.”

Will there be a crossover this season? (50)

82% Yes (41 votes)
18% No (9 votes)

What’s the biggest news story of 2018 so far? (49)

67% Johnny Manziel, MTL (33 votes)
22% Duron Carter, TOR (11 votes)

*3 other storylines received two votes or fewer


“The Duron Carter saga. Is he a receiver this week? Is he a defensive back this week? Is he employed this week?”

“The Johnny Manziel saga, from day one at camp in Hamilton to now being a part of the Montreal Alouettes. Love him or hate him, he is making his presence felt in this league.”

“League-wide parity. Never has the league felt this close where any team can beat any other on any day.”

What was the most memorable game of the first half of the season? (50)

66% Ottawa at Toronto, Week 8 (33 votes)
14% Edmonton at Winnipeg, Week 1 (7 votes)
12% Calgary at Saskatchewan, Week 10 (6 votes)

*2 other games received three votes or fewer

What was the most memorable play of the first half of the season? (49)

73% McLeod Bethel-Thompson's TD pass to Armanti Edwards, 0:02 4th, OTT @ TOR, Week 8 (36 votes)
8% Mike Reilly's 95-yard TD pass to Duke Williams, EDM @ HAM, Week 11 (4 votes)

*6 other plays received two votes or fewer


“The REDBLACKS were pushing and looked like they had a chance to actually beat the Stampeders at McMahon Stadium. Then, Evans saved the day with this ridiculous tackle.”

Who is the most improved player? (43)

16% Chris Ackie, MTL (7 votes)
16% Duke Williams, EDM (7 votes)
7% Kwaku Boateng, EDM (3 votes)
7% Zach Collaros, SSK (3 votes)
7% Kamar Jorden, CGY (3 votes)

*14 other players received two votes or fewer


“Chris Ackie – Took a while for him to find his spot in Montreal and now he is an integral part of the defense. And he’s only going to get better.”

“Duke Williams – Last year he was viewed by some as a one-dimensional receiver that could only run a couple of routes and would never play in the slot. Obviously that was wrong, but he’s lost some weight and polished his game and looks like one of the most dominant receivers in the CFL, and at a very young age.”

 “Cameron Judge – Went from #2 overall disappointment and is now making big contributions to defence and special teams in Saskatchewan.”

Which team will be under the most pressure in the second half of the season? (50)

44% Winnipeg Blue Bombers (22 votes)
14% Toronto Argonauts (7 votes)
12% Edmonton Eskimos (6 votes)
10% BC Lions (5 votes)

*4 other teams received three votes or fewer

Which current non-playoff team has the best chance to turn it around? (50)

74% Toronto Argonauts (37 votes)
22% BC Lions (11 votes)
4% Montreal Alouettes (2 votes)

Which team has had the best offensive line in the first half of the season? (50)

44% Winnipeg Blue Bombers (22 votes)
38% Calgary Stampeders (19 votes)
10% Edmonton Eskimos (5 votes)

*2 other teams received three votes or fewer

Which team has had the best defensive line in the first half of the season? (50)

48% Saskatchewan Roughriders (24 votes)
46% Calgary Stampeders (23 votes)

*2 other teams received two votes or fewer

How many quarterbacks will pass for more than 5,000 yards this season? (50)

36% Three (18 votes)
25% Two (16 votes)
20% Four (10 votes)
12% One (6 votes)

Your team is down 2 points; who would you most trust to kick a field goal to win? (50)

32% Justin Medlock, WPG (16 votes)
26% Rene Paredes, CGY (13 votes)
20% Lewis Ward, OTT (10 votes)
14% Sean Whyte, EDM (7 votes)

*3 other kickers received two votes or fewer

Who is the most exciting player in the CFL and why? (48)

21% Chris Rainey, BC (10 votes)
19% Duke Williams, EDM (9 votes)
15% Andrew Harris, WPG (7 votes)
15% Mike Reilly, EDM (7 votes)
8% Duron Carter, TOR (4 votes)
6% Brandon Banks, HAM (3 votes)

*7 players received two votes or fewer


“Chris Rainey. He can score from anywhere on the field and he’s must-watch tv in the return game.”

“Duke Williams. He has been a beast in making highlight reel catches and simply cannot be stopped. Extremely entertaining and very determined to be among the best this league has to offer.”

 “Bo Levi Mitchell. Whatever happened in the first three quarters, you know Mitchell is going to find his receivers and march his team downfield in the fourth. There’s just nothing as exhilarating as watching the league’s best player turn it on late in games.”

“Duron Carter. Unmatched athleticism, thrives under pressure and finds ways to make plays when you think he doesn’t have a chance at them. To his own detriment at times, he’s the biggest personality in the league.”

 “For my money it’s Andrew Harris, because his ability to break tackles makes the eyes widen of those who appreciate the game of football for what it is.”

“Brandon Banks. Every time he has the ball in his hands magic can happen. It doesn’t always, but it can, and no player makes you hold your breath waiting for the big play like Hamilton’s diminutive speedster.”

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