BANFF, Alta (January 13, 2018) —The prevention, assessment and management of concussions remains a major focus as the Canadian Football League (CFL) wraps up a two-day conference on player health and safety today.

“Our team presidents and general managers devoted much of their winter meetings earlier this week to the topic of making our game as safe as it can be at all levels,” said Kevin McDonald, Vice-President, Football Operations and Player Safety for the CFL.

“That focus has continued into the weekend as team doctors, athletic therapists and representatives of the Canadian Football Players Association (CFLPA) joined league staff for two days devoted to this top priority.”

The conference’s agenda includes:

  • Evaluation of ongoing concussion research projects the league is participating in with an eye to understanding and incorporating emerging information.
  • An annual review of CFL Concussion protocols to ensure they remain world class.
  • An assessment of player education and awareness initiatives the league undertakes to encourage players to understand the signs and symptoms of concussions, the importance of reporting suspected concussions, and the type of play that can increase the risk of various types of injury.
  • A Review of the CFL’s Injury spotter program which places a person dedicated to injury monitoring in its Command Centre for every game.
  • A Review of processes for Injury Data Collection and extraction.
  • A review of the processes surrounding the CFL/CFLPA Drug Policy.
  • Updates on the latest information on helmet technologies.

“While this is our annual face-to-face meeting for team personnel at the forefront of our player healthy and safety efforts, the truth is we all are in constant contact and discussion throughout the year,” McDonald said.

“This work never ends and must always progress. We owe that to our tremendous players, devoted fans and great game.”

Lucas Barrett

Coordinator, Communications, Canadian Football League

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