Redesigned platform offers new features and more prizing opportunities

TORONTO (April 26, 2023) – Upgrade Complete. Systems online. Welcome to CFL Game Zone.

The Canadian Football League (CFL) has launched a redesigned gaming platform centred on a more cohesive and entertaining fan experience across its many offerings. Originally introduced in 2022, CFL Game Zone is the central hub for the league’s passionate fans to engage with exclusive products and contests to celebrate and enhance their fandom.

CFL Game Zone has been made possible through Genius Sports – the league’s Official Data and Technology Partner that powers the ecosystem connecting sports, betting and media. The partnership has enabled the league to develop a range of interactive experiences, opening the door for fans to connect more closely with the game they love.

“For our incredible CFL faithful and any fans just being introduced to our game, the new and improved CFL Game Zone represents the future of CFL fandom,” said Tyler Mazereeuw, Chief Commercial Officer.

“At the heart of being a fan is connection: the desire to interact with like-minded others; the feeling of belonging to something bigger; the push to compare and proudly show-off that fandom. That need to connect and compete drives CFL Game Zone, and it continues to guide how we, as a league, engage with our fans.”

The new CFL Game Zone launches with two offerings – CFL Preseason Futures and CFL Team Picker. Additional games and interactive experiences will be launched soon.


Updated design
CFL Game Zone has been redesigned with a futuristic and cohesive look, highlighted by a digi-neon colour palette, to evoke feelings of interacting with a digital environment and to heighten the gaming experience.

Single sign-on
To streamline play, CFL Game Zone has been updated with a single login system to allow fans to access all the league’s offerings through one entry point.

Achievement unlocked
A new reward system will allow users to earn various achievement badges across their CFL Game Zone experience. Players will be able to collect and display their fandom for meeting set objectives, such as repeated plays, league or weekly wins, significant statistics, and more.

Play to win
Across the platform and its offerings, CFL Game Zone will offer bigger prizes and more chances to win throughout the season.


CFL Preseason Futures
Think you know how the 2023 campaign will unfold? Can you guess how your favourite players will perform? Feel confident enough to prognosticate how your team will play? Fans can make several one-time predictions prior to season kick-off on Thursday, June 8, and then follow along to see what the upcoming season brings. Fans will be ranked by performance and all perfect predictions will earn entries for prize draws.

CFL Team Picker
Which team is for you? How do you match-up with the personalities of the nine CFL clubs? Do you bleed green and white with Rider Nation like you’ve always believed, or deep down, are you really pulling together with the Double Blue? New fans can find out where their allegiances lie. Fans who solely back Canadian football can find a team to call their own. Seasoned die-hards can definitively know who they’re rooting for and then display their team colours, knowing they’re wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

Lucas Barrett

Associate Vice-President, Communications & Public Affairs, Canadian Football League

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