Protocols for the 103rd Grey Cup presented by Shaw

Post-game Media Conference Pool Feed

November 29

1400 - 2330 apx30

Telus Local Loop S99479 to Vancouver TOC. Connect to Bell Fiber (50 ASI) to Toronto to feed CFTO Rem 122

Bell: 278978

Pegad granted to broadcasters on this feed.

Photographer Protocols

Below are the guidelines for photographers shooting from the sidelines on Grey Cup Sunday.

Please note: All accredited photographers are strictly prohibited from shooting any video inside the stadium bowl for the Grey Cup. Video rights are exclusive to TSN and RDS. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the removal of the photographer’s credentials.

TV Visible Sideline:

All photographers shooting from the TV Visible Sideline must shoot from behind the digital signage.

Opposite Sideline:

Photographers shooting from the opposite sideline can shoot from in front of the A-Frame signage. 


All photographers must shoot from behind the A-Frame signage.

Player Boxes:

All photographers are prohibited from entering into the players’ box, or the bench area. 

Pre-Game Ceremonies on the Field (Player Intros, Coin Toss, National Anthem):

Photographers who have been provided a grey photographer’s bib have access to shoot the national anthem and coin toss from the field of play.

Photographers on the field, especially for the coin toss, must shoot from behind the TV camera on the field. Access to shoot the on-field pregame ceremonies will be granted to Canadian Press, Reuters, Post Media and Sun Media.


Photographers will be briefed before the game. 


For the Grey Cup trophy presentations, all photographers must shoot from behind the fence and/or off of the stage for the trophy presentations.

Post-Game Protocols

At the end of the fourth quarter, media will be escorted to the field level. Media will be permitted on the field following the presentation of the Grey Cup trophy. While in the waiting area on field level, all wireless microphones must be turned off.

Rights Holders (TSN, RDS) have exclusive coverage of the on-field ceremonies and celebrations. All other media are prohibited from accessing the field during the ceremonies (still photographers excluded). Media will be permitted on the field following the presentation of the Grey Cup trophy.

Trophy presentation order:

Most Valuable Canadian, Most Valuable Player, Grey Cup Trophy

Both locker rooms will be open to media following the conclusion of the game and TSN / RDS’s exclusive window. Media will enter the dressing room in the following priority order:

1. Still Photographers
2. Additional host broadcaster / rights holders
3. Print Reporters
4. Radio/ TV Reporters
5. TV cameras

Both head coaches, the game’s most valuable player and most valuable Canadian will be available in the Field Level Media Conference Room in the following order:

1. Non-Winning Head Coach
2. Winning Head Coach
3. Most Valuable Player
4. Most Valuable Canadian

The post-game media conference will be made available on the press box televisions.


Olivier Poulin

Manager, Communications, Canadian Football League

Paulo Senra

Director, Communications, Canadian Football League

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