New player recognition program kicks off today!

TORONTO  –  A new season brings a new sponsor and a new format for CFL player recognition.

When it debuts later today, the Shaw CFL Top Performers of the Week will recognize the three top performers, regardless of the position they play or whether they are national or international players, and it will give fans an opportunity to choose their favourite.

How does it work?


Each week and month during the CFL regular season, a panel of esteemed CFL experts – former CFL standouts and popular broadcasters Matt Dunigan, Duane Forde and Pierre Vercheval -- will vote on the three top CFL Performers across the league in order.


The three players chosen weekly and monthly for their achievements can play any position or have any status.

When the three players have been announced, @CFL will tweet out three tweets for each player. The player that receives the most re-tweets prior to the first game of the following week will be crowned the Shaw Fans’ Choice of the Week.

Is there a season long competition?


Players will receive points for making the top three each week and each month, and extra points for being the fans’ choice.  

Scoring Specifics

Shaw CFL Top Performers of the Week

Shaw CFL Top Performers of the Month

#1 = 100 points

   #1 = 200 points 

#2 = 50 points

  #2 = 100 points 

#3 = 25 points 

  #3 = 50 points 

10 bonus points to the player with the most RTs

  20 bonus points to the player with the most RTs


Will there still be recognition of players by position or international status?

Absolutely. The Shaw CFL Top Performers of the Week and Month are separate from the annual Shaw CFL Player Awards handed out during Grey Cup week, which will still recognize players by position and status.

Announced last May, the CFL’s new partnership with Shaw Communications makes Shaw the first presenting partner in the long and storied history of the Grey Cup, the title partner of the Shaw CFL Player Awards, and the sponsor of weekly and monthly player achievement, now known as the Shaw CFL Top Performers of the Week and the Shaw CFL Top Performers of the Month.

Olivier Poulin

Manager, Communications, Canadian Football League

Paulo Senra

Director, Communications, Canadian Football League

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